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The Camelot Code Reviews

Here's Just A Small Taste Of What You're About To Discover:

​The Camelot Code Video Program: How To Make Him Devoted To You Even If You Think There Are No Good Men Left

The Devotion Switch: Say THIS "Devotion Phrase" To ANY Man To Unleash His Inner King So He Treats You Like The Queen You Were Always Mean't To Be

3 Ways to Identify a Man Who is Noble and Worthy Enough for You - right from the start so you don't waste another minute of your time on the wrong guy!

What You MUST Do In The First 60 Seconds Of Meeting A Guy Do This To Get Him (or any man) to Open Up to You, Reveal His True Feelings – and Be Grateful to You That He Did

How to Activate “the Guinevere Effect” - Embodying the Inspired and Irresistible Feminine that No Man of Character Can Resist

The Royal Treatment: The 5 Key Relationship Skills that Create a Happy Castle and a Happy Kingdom
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What People Are Saying

"I Look At Men With Much More Compassion Now"

"Adam – how do you do it? You make high-level information easy to learn and apply. You are funny, passionate, compassionate, wise, honest, trustworthy, encouraging, enlightening. I’ve never taken a course like this that has taught me so much, so deep and so fast. I look at men with much more compassion now – but I only give my time to the ones who light up when I call them up to their greatness.”


"This Feels Real And Born From Real Life Like Nothing I’ve Ever Seen"

“What I love about this course is that it’s fun and easy to absorb! I’ve been watching these videos everywhere I go - planes, at work on a break...it's always available at my leisure...totally awesome! I like the way you relate yourself, your life stories, your humor and integrate them into the course. This feels real and born from real life like nothing I’ve ever seen. And dude, when you do you have time to do all this research!???"


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